Sharon Bounty

Jennie Thomas “Dreams Can Come True” Enabling Scholarship winner 2012


Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)


Short term benefit of the award

Initially I was contemplating undertaking the degree part time, although the prospect of combining work, family, friends and university over an eight year period, proved to be daunting. Jennie’s generous scholarship allowed me to pursue my dream full time over four years without the cost of text books, an iPad, resources, petrol, and parking permits being a financial burden on my family. 

Long term benefit of the award

Achieving my dream of becoming a Speech Pathologist who mainly works with children who have special needs.

What now

I am working as a Speech Pathologist for a local private speech therapy clinic


Jennie, who was unfamiliar to me at the time, believed that I could achieve my dream, which in turn encouraged and inspired me not to be swayed. I have been able to achieve my dream thanks to Jennie.


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