Jennie Thomas 'Shaping Futures' Enabling Scholarship

Scholarship Winners

'Shaping Futures'

2011 Daniel Frost

2011 Lisa Whiton

2011 Lorraine Ewell

2015 Katrina Akers

2015 Katie-Lee Brown

2015 Clare Crossingham

2015 Jessie Hall

2015 Katie Keenan

2015 Fiona Lanser

2015 Samuel Stephens

2015 Kerry Wood

2015 Elissa Younger

2016 Olivia Bell

2016 Jane Burrage

2016 Kylie Chase

2016 Alexandra Hetherington

2016 Tammie Ison

"Shaping Futures" Scholarships

Jennie is passionate about the importance of scholarships to the success of ‘dreams’. She knows that first hand. Her childhood dream was to be a teacher, to follow in the footsteps of her Dad and Mum. When she attended Newcastle Teachers’ College in the late 1950s, her training was made possible by a Commonwealth Scholarship. Without that, her tertiary education would have been out of the question and her life would have been very different.

Those government scholarships are not available any more. Now, students without financial backing or who have other major challenges in their lives need the support of the community to give them a chance to follow their dreams, complete their education and make something of their lives. That’s why Jennie is so passionate about the importance of scholarships.

In 2011, Jennie funded the first two UoN Foundation’s ‘Shaping Futures Scholarships‘ which are one off grants of $4,000. These scholarships aim to help academically bright students who are facing great challenges. The huge number of applications every year for scholarships gave an insight into the need. These scholarships not only give a helping hand financially but also a feeling of worth and self confidence that comes with being a recipient of a scholarship.

Many applicants are people coming back to study after years away from their education for one reason or another. They are determined to succeed this time round. They bring with them a wealth of life experiences to their studies. They are striving to make a difference not just for themselves, but for their families and, in the longer term, for the community.

Their dreams cover a wide spectrum of occupations; teaching; nursing, physiotherapy; social work; podiatry; speech pathology; engineering; business; science, midwifery, medicine and pharmacy to name a few.

The UoN Alumni and the community have begun to take up the challenge of supporting the ‘Shaping Futures" Scholarships but there are so many more who need help to overcome specific challenges to their study. Some face the challenges of coming from a low socio-economic (financially disadvantaged) background; some are students with disabilities; some are rural students who face added costs of study in the city; some are Indigenous Australians; some are students with carer or family responsibilities.

The "Shaping Futures" Scholarships aim to assist students to follow their dreams, shape their future and change their lives forever through obtaining an education!

Anyone can help through the UoN Foundation’s “Shaping Futures Scholarship Fund.” Every $4,000 raised will support a grant for another student in need. Donations of any amount are accepted online, by credit card, at

Contact the University of Newcastle Foundation
T +61 2 4921 7453
F +61 2 4921 6889

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