Nathan Keogh

Winner 2011

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Art Career Beginnings

For reasons outside of my control, a path led me to the necessity of re-skilling. It started with enrolling in Open Foundation which led to the Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Honours year, and now I'm undertaking Master of Philosophy. Initially I had hoped to re-skill in order to find a job and pay the bills. However, the journey of the next painting, the next sculpture, the continuation of creating, made me realise that the arts would take precedence over the rational thought of a solid nine to five job.

Starting out in my undergraduate year, I initially understood art to be rendered objects that we can see, but through time, another world unveiled itself - how the senses add different interpretations and emotions which leads to the world of the intangible.

My Jennie Thomas Travelling Scholarship Experience

After receiving the Jennie Thomas Travelling Scholarship in 2011, plans were quickly in place. A trip to Europe - two weeks in Venice for the 54th Biennale, two weeks in Paris and two in London. My mission was to live and breathe art twenty-four seven for 42 days.

This trip continues to impact on my practice - I draw on memories of colour, movement and emotions of that six weeks where at every turn, on every street, my senses where stretched, heightened and bombarded.

Beyond The Scholarship

At present I'm in my second year of my Masters. I'm a demonstrator in sculpture at the University and I'm still debating whether to pursue further study.


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