Emlyn and Jennie Thomas Postgraduate Medical Research Scholarships
Jennie Thomas Medical Research Travel Grants and Project Grants

Scholarship and Grant Winners

Emlyn and Jennie Thomas Post Graduate Scholarships

Frances Kay-Lambkin - Mental Health/Drug & Alcohol Rehab (2003)

Damian Mcleod - Cardiac (2003)

Andrew Bivard - Stroke (2010)

Amelia Tomkins - Stroke (2010)

Heidi Janssen - Stroke Rehab (2011)

Divya Mehra - Cardiac (2011)

Lucy Murtha - Stroke (2012)

Ashlee Dunn - Stroke Rehab (2013)

Netsanet Negewo - Respiratory (2014)

Joshua Atkins - Mental Health (2015)

Lisa Spencer - Nutrition (2015)

Bridie Goggins - Gastrointestinal (2016)

Bettina Mihalas - Reproduction (2016)

Jennie Thomas Travel Grants

Katie Ashton - Cancer (2006)

Kathryn Roberts - Cancer (2006)

Andrew Gardner - Sports Concussion (2012, 2014)

Jamie Flynn - Spinal Chord Injury (2011)

Heloisa Milioli - Cancer (2014)

Kirrilly Pursey - Nutrition (2014)

Erin Campbell - Neuroscience (2014)

Ama Tawiah Essilfie - Respiratory (2015)

Zachery McPherson - Glaucoma (2015)

Myles Young - Cardiovascular (2015)

Sarah Valkenborghs - Stroke Rehab (2015)

Matt Dun - Cancer (2015)

Netsanet Negewo - Respiratory (2015)

Elizabeth Bromfield - Reproduction (2016)

Jordan Smith - Cardiovascular (2016)

Kelly Smith - Brain & Mental Health (2016)

Zachery McPherson - Glaucoma (2016)

Binod Sharma - Reproduction (2016)

Jennie Thomas Project Grants

Anne Vertigan - Chronic Cough (2003)

Nikola Bowden - Cancer (2006)

Nikki Verrills - Cancer (2006)

Alexandre Mendes - Bioinformatics (2006)

Alyna Turner - Cardiac and Mental Health (2007)

Lisa Wood - Nutrition (2008)

Bernadette Matthias (UoN) - Stroke Choir (2014)

Jamie Flynn - Clarity Microscopy (2015) 

William Palmer- Clarity Microscopy (2015) 

Antony Martin - Clarity Microscopy (2015)

Binod Sharma - Maternal Health Nepal (2016)

Ameha Woldu - Clarity Microscopy (2016)

Medical Research Scholarships and Grants

The work of the early career researchers acknowledged here, cover a wide spectrum of medical problems that may affect any one of us during our life times. It is usually the case, that, those of who support medical research do so because either they, or those close to them, have suffered and/or died from a particular ailment that needs more research.

Jennie says that she is no exception. "For each one of my scholarships or grant holders, I can name at least one person near to me who has been helped or could be helped by discoveries made by medical researchers. Others have died before research found answers for them.

However, as my Mum said to me as she faced certain death from cancer, 'Research today will make a difference to the lives of our children and our grandchildren and will almost certainly help to make a difference to many people around the world'. How true.

I'm very proud to have been involved with HMRI as its Life Governor and I’m honoured to be able to support my JT family of young researchers. We enjoy getting together to share updates in research progress and stories of overseas trips for conferences, study and collaborations. Many of my JT researchers have taken advantage of their scholarships and grants to do part of their PhD research in selected laboratories overseas. This invariably leads to better collaboration between those labs and the research labs at HMRI, the University of Newcastle and the Newcastle hospitals."  

There are three types of JT scholarships represented here:

1. The Emlyn and Jennie Thomas Postgraduate Medical Research Scholarships are awarded to a research higher degree candidate undertaking research in any area of research covered under the umbrella of Hunter Medical Research Institute. These are top-up Scholarships to PhD candidates in Medical Research who are enrolled at the University of Newcastle.

2. Jennie Thomas Medical Research Travel Grants have been awarded through Hunter Medical Research Institute.  These awards are granted to PhD candidates in medical research enrolled at the University of Newcastle, or, they are early career researchers in programs that fall under the HMRI umbrella and who have completed their PhD within five years of making application.

3. Jennie Thomas Project Grants are personally chosen and are awarded to specific projects that have merit in furthering our understanding of and knowledge in Medical Research. 

Jennie invites everyone reading this website to check out the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) website to see how they, too, can use their time, talents and treasure to support many more researchers.
Phone for donations and support: 02 4042 1000

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