Martin Trew

Winner 2007

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Artist Statement

Martin Trew is a visual artist who is interested in exploring the relationship between the everyday and the extraordinary. His practice is based in Photomedia and at times includes video and installation based pieces. His work explores the mundane and the fantastical, the beautiful and the ugly, as he looks at ideas about perception and the nature of photographic truth.


Art Career Beginnings

When I decided to study Fine Arts at university I saw it as a way of getting a degree whilst studying something I had a passion for. I had always had an interest in Visual Arts and I saw art school as a way of learning whilst immersing myself in a creative environment.

  Constructing the objects for the Suspensions series.

My Jennie Thomas Travelling Scholarship Experience

Through winning the Jennie Thomas Scholarship I was able to travel to New York and Europe where I was exposed to an incredible range of historic and contemporary art. This exposure helped to not only inspire my art practice but also helped me to refine my work. The Jennie Thomas Scholarship helped me to place my art practice within a contemporary context.

    Wallpaper (2007), digital prints.

Beyond The Scholarship

I am currently working as a High School Visual Arts Teacher and working on my own art practice when I have the time. I hope in the future to strike a good balance between working and maintaining my own art practice.


Recent Work

Martin's Honours work Suspensions (2012) is a series of 10 inkjet prints featuring old electricity cabling. The collection was recently bought by Energy Australia and will be housed in its Sydney Head Office.

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