Linsey Gosper

Winner 2003

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Artist Statement

Linsey Gosper is a Melbourne based artist and curator, working predominately with photography and installation. She uses the performative body and self-portraiture to explore her subject matter. Her work is primarily concerned with identity; such as feminine identity and sexuality, the body and landscape as a site of ritual, and psychoscapes - portraying psychology through the landscape. Following her Honours Degree in Fine Art at the University of Newcastle, Linsey was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award to study for her Master of Fine Art (Research) at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Linsey exhibits extensively at artist run, regional and commercial galleries in Australia and is a Sessional Teaching Associate at Monash University.

Recent Works


Platform - 'Black Widow'

Object Love I

Art Career Beginnings

When I started art school, it was really an opportunity to explore my creativity and photographic practice. I don’t think at that early stage I really had any idea what the outcome of that would be.

In my early days of practicing my art, it was my immediate friendship group and associated sub-culture that inspired and influenced my practice. This still holds true today, although it is mostly a different group of friends and colleagues who are practising artists who inspire me. However, mostly It is my experience of the world, as a woman, that directly influences the work I create.

My Jennie Thomas Traveling Scholarship Experience

Winning the Jennie Thomas Travelling Art Scholarship allowed me to travel overseas and view international art. The act of seeing work, which I had only seen in books or on screen, was a truly amazing and inspiring experience. Witnessing the way other countries celebrate and appreciate art on a completely different scale to Australia, also gave me a valuable perspective on the worth of being a practising artist. Being awarded scholarships and the like were a worthy addition to my CV. I’m sure winning the Jennie Thomas scholarship lead to other opportunities such as being selected for a place in the highly competitive Master of Fine Art (research) at the Faculty of Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.

Beyond The Scholarship

I am now a Melbourne based artist and curator working predominately with photography and installation. I have continued to be a practising artist since leaving Newcastle University many years ago, exhibiting extensively at Artist Run, regional and commercial galleries in Australia. I have recently resigned from my position as gallery manager at the Colour Factory Gallery, a commercial photographic gallery in Melbourne, where I worked from its inception for the last four years, curating many exhibitions. I am now in the process of opening my own commercial gallery in Melbourne, ‘Strange Neighbour’, which will be a creative space that also has a photographic studio, and a black and white darkroom for hire. I am currently a Sessional Teaching Associate at Monash University. Having been heavily involved in the arts for my entire career, I really don’t see myself doing anything else in the future!

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Charmwood (2010)

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Platform - 'Black Widow'

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Object Love l

Object Love is a series of photographic self-portraits featuring an array of female personas based on conventional versions of femininity. Using humour and gentle subversion, the works explore alternative views of ‘woman’, providing a more contradictory, fluid, and liberating understanding of the construct.

Photographic self-portraiture has been used by artists such as Cindy Sherman and Claude Cahun as a tool for feminist enquiry and empowerment. In the same vein, I create and control the way my ‘women’ are depicted and consumed. With the shutter release cord clearly visible in the photographs, I want the audience to remember I am in control.

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