Philip Emlyn Thomas Keyboard Scholarship

Scholarship Winners

2003 Music Students from Korea:

  • Eun Joung Choi
  • Eun Pha Cho
  • Hung Yong Cho
  • Sueng Youn Choi
  • Sun Woo Pak

2004 Chantal Rawson

2005 Kylie Smith

2007 Kylie Smith

2007 Chanel Scheman

2009 Sau Lam

2009 Sin Cheng

2011 Daniel Murray

2011 Donna Carpenter

2011 Emily Sargeant

2012 Liesl Scheman

2013 Chelsea Davis

2014 Callum Close

The Keyboard Scholarships

The Philip Emlyn Thomas Keyboard Scholarship was set up in memory of jJennie's late husband who enjoyed all forms of classical music but who had a special passion for keyboard music. His way of unwinding after a busy day at work was to play the organ and then listen to music. He had a large collection of music CDs, many of them of piano and organ works. Born in Wales, Em had choral music in his DNA and the sound of a Welsh Male Voice Choir often filled their home. He also loved opera music. His favourite singer was soprano Beverley Sills but he also had several favourite tenors.

The first group of scholars selected for this award reflected those passions. Five students came to Australia from South Korea to study at the UoN Conservatorium. Two were young women who came to study the organ and three young men who were emerging opera tenors.

From that time, the Scholarship became a keyboard scholarship that recognised students who already showed outstanding keyboard performance ability and who also had a dream to make music the basis for their future careers.

A further development in this scholarship was the sponsorship, in 2012, of the University of Newcastle’s “International Space Time Concert Competition”. Emlyn had a great love for the concerto form of music and this competition embraced both the classical form of the concerto and encouraged innovative composition and performance. This scholarship fund provided the prizes for best performance in both categories. The concert was a great success.

Jennie invites others who love music to consider supporting a music student. There are many excellent students who would benefit from recognition of their talents and some extra financial help.  

Donors can discuss Music Scholarships and Grants with staff of the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music and with the UoN Foundation.

Contact the University of Newcastle Foundation
T +61 2 4921 7453
F +61 2 4921 6889

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