Kelly Smith

Jennie Thomas Travel Grant Winner 2016

Area of Research

Kelly's doctoral thesis has a primary focus on Pain. Through looking at neural circuits in the spinal cord and how they can go wrong in chronic pain, this will allow us to generate more effective analgesics.

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My Jennie Thomas Travelling Scholarship Experience

The purpose of my Travel Grant is to Travel to Society for Neuroscience conference (San Diego Nov 2016), and form collaborations with several laboratories

 - Prof. Sarah Ross – Pittsburgh Institute for Pain Research, Pittsburgh, USA

 - Prof. Yves Dekoninck – University of Laval, Quebec City, Canada

Benefits of the award include presenting new data to over 20,000 people! I also hope to build collaborations with both Prof. Ross and Prof. Dekoninck

I am currently completing the final year of my PhD and plan to submit in early 2017. Once finished I would love to work in North America to further develop our understanding of the mechanisms underlying chronic pain.

Beyond the Grant

Getting this grant in the last year of my PhD will allow me to present the last 3 years work to an international audience. I am also very much looking forward to establishing new collaborations during my visit to the U.S and Canada to continue to expand our capacity for high quality research in the Hunter.

Travelling is so important in science, and in particular early on in your career. Jennie has allowed not only me but so many other early career researcher to travel overseas and present their data. 

A neuron, the foundation of pain research

The dorsal horn within the spinal chord

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