Kelly Peihopa

Jennie Thomas “Dreams Can Come True” Scholarship Winner 2013


Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and History

My Jennie Thomas Scholarship Experience

The benefit of my award short term was the fact that someone like me got it!  Which meant someone else believed in me, and that keep me at my studies when things got so hard I wanted to give up. More than once. It also paid for many things I needed to begin university, such as a desk, office supplies, my text books and a small trip away for me and my children in the uni break – to thank them for putting up with a mum doing full time uni.

The benefit in the long term was a relationship with Jennie and having her continually think the best of me and believe in me and wanting to live up to her expectations and do her proud. Each year the money went to more uni expenses and things to help me and the kids during the semester.  Knowing others expected great things from me enabled me to draw great things out of myself. One day, I hope to be able to do the same for other women.

I am finishing my degree next semester and have an average GPA of 6.7. I will be doing an honours internship during the summer break and then continuing on with full time honours in 2017 for one year.  I then plan on pursing my PhD. I currently work as a research assistant for the Faculty of Education and Arts, specialising in Early Modern Women’s writing and my skills and experience continue to grow in this area. I work for the EMWRN (Early Modern Women’s Research Network), an international network of scholars who specialise in researching and uncovering women writers in 16th and 17th century England. I assist academics in publishing journal articles, conference papers and book chapters, writing biographies, transcribing texts, international conference preparation, website production and maintenance and bibliographies.  I love working and researching women’s writing and will continue with this for my postgraduate degree.

I am on the Faculty Commendation list and also received a University Award this year for History. I am also a Faculty of Education and Arts Scholar.

Link to my professional website:

I have helped build and work on for EMWRN.  It is our digital archive.  Most of my work has been on Mary, Queen of Scots:


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