Kasey Williams

Jennie Thomas  Environmental Scholarship winner 2014


Bachelor of Engineering(Environmental) (Honours)

Short term benefit of the award

Thanks to Jennie’s generosity, I was able to purchase textbooks, a campus parking permit as well as all of my PPE required for practical subjects such as Chemistry, Surveying and Fluid Mechanics. I was also able to cover my costs of travelling to and from uni each day. All in all, this significantly reduced financial stress associated with studying at university and allowed me to reduce the hours spent working part time jobs and focus more on my studies.

Long term benefit of the award

Long term, I have had the privilege of meeting some incredible people including Jennie, David and all of the JT Scholars. Learning about the great work that these people do has made me appreciate all that I have and inspired me to make a difference in this world. 3 years ago I had no idea what to expect from university, and being the first person from my family to undertake tertiary education, I was unsure I had what it took to complete a degree. Jennie has given me a great deal of confidence and helped me to realise that my goals are indeed obtainable with plenty of hard work (and hugs of course!) and as a result I have achieved many of my study and career related goals as have even been able to dream bigger and set even greater long term goals!

What now

I am currently completing the third year of my degree and looking forward to graduating in late 2017. Currently, I work for a Newcastle engineering firm assisting in the Contaminated Lands department where we are consulted by industry to identify and assess the extent of contamination present on a site and then develop methods to remediate that land so that it can be returned to its original state and reused. I am excited for what the future holds and am excited to undertake more overseas travel as well as to obtain a graduate engineering position and further my career to make a difference in this world.


I’d like to sincerely thank Jennie for welcoming me into her JT family and for all her generous support over the years. Her support has been invaluable to me and with her help I have been able to learn so much about importance of helping others and the great work that she and so many others in our community do. She is an incredibly inspiring person and I encourage everyone eligible to apply for a JT Scholarship.


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