Carla Feltham

Winner 2008

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Artist Statement

Carla Feltham is a young artist working with the medium of photography. Her photographs are hauntingly beautiful, composed with candour and mystery. As she explores photography, she is finding new paths to follow as an artist. She is especially interested in learning more about portraiture through the lens of a camera and understanding more of the rich story of photography and its makers. Carla is highly motivated by the need to learn, teach and exhibit her innermost found creativity. She has a passion for photography and an evocative, imaginative and skilful mastery of the medium.

Art Career Beginnings

I went to art school because I had an art teacher in high school whom I greatly respected. He introduced me to the darkroom and from then on I was hooked on photography. In going to art school I hoped to learn about a variety of mediums and be inspired and taught by practicing artists, I wanted to be in an environment where people shared the same passion and drive that I had.

I get inspired and influenced by all sorts of people and places. When intricacies of life and relationships are revealed and stories are told, I find that fascinating and exciting. Photographically, my past heros are William Eggleston and Stephen Shore. The more I have studied and researched, I have come love the work of modern practitioners working in a similar area such as Alec Soth. They travel near and far, interacting with life and the people they meet, revealing the layers we can so often miss.

My Jennie Thomas Travelling Scholarship Experience

Winning the scholarship allowed me to travel to the U.S.A and make a new body of work that formed a large part of my Honours exhibition which I later exhibited at the Queensland Centre of Photography.

I was able to spend time in and around Memphis (the home of William Eggleston) seeing first hand the types of landscape I had seen represented by him and others. It gave me the confidence and belief that I could also explore this kind of work in my own world and that there was value in doing so.

   Images from Relevator Series (2009)

Beyond The Scholarship

I have now completed my M.Phil at the University of Newcastle and plan to tour this body of work. The process of further exploration and research was incredibly worthwhile. My future plans are to continue making and exhibiting my work, travelling and continue working in arts administration.

Image from Preservation Series (2012)

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