Angela Wiley

Winner 2008

Artist statement

Angela Wiley's timber sculptures and paintings are influenced by nature and the building blocks of all organic materials. Cells and micro-organisms create the basis for her contemporary style.

Currently, Angela is not a full time practicing artist although her art is still an important hobby and she still exhibits. Angela works with students with special needs as an Itinerant Support Teacher Vision.

Art Career Beginnings

I began my career in art after leaving school and enrolling at TAFE in Fine Arts. I had planned to become an Art teacher, so College would have been my next step. However, as it usually does, my journey took a different course, that of a mother of two wonderful children.

Many years passed and while working with children with special needs as a teacher’s aide and using my artistic skills to enhance students' learning, I met a Principal who encouraged me to enrol at University and become a teacher. I chose to do Fine Arts and the Diploma of Education at Newcastle University. This was a wonderful experience through which I could practice my art and develop my skills further.

Previous Works

Examples of various works by Angela

My Jennie Thomas Travelling Scholarship Experience

I was very fortunate to win a Jennie Thomas Travelling Scholarship that enabled me to visit the Venice Biennale and many wonderful galleries and museums in Italy and France. The Jennie Thomas Scholarship has had a huge impact on my life and also my daughter’s life. She joined me on my trip and has just finished her double degree in Fine Arts and Education. We had never travelled before and the experience of our learning together about the Art we had studied and being able to actually see these works was truly amazing.

On my return, I chose to continue working with students with special needs and found myself working as an Itinerant Support Teacher Vision. In this role I work with students with low vision and blindness. I applied for a scholarship to train in this field and last year I completed my Masters in special education.

  Details of some of Angela's works.

Beyond The Scholarship

In the future I would like to return to University and obtain my PHD in Fine Arts. Art is viewed very differently in Australia than in Europe as I discovered on my travels. I would one day like to work towards building a more sound understanding of the important role of the Artist in Australian Culture.

My own artworks are influenced by nature and the building blocks of all organic materials. Cells and micro organisms create the basis for my contemporary style in both my timber sculptures and my paintings. I have successfully exhibited my work in many local galleries both in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley and continue to produce sculptural works and paintings in my free time.

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