Andrew Gardner

Jennie Thomas Travel Grant Winner 2012 & 2014

Area of Research

Dr Andrew Gardner is a Clinical Neuropsychologist with a research focus and passion in Sports Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury. Andrew's doctoral thesis studied the potential long-term consequences of participation in collision sports in both current and retired athletes. 

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My Jennie Thomas Travelling Scholarship Experience

The purpose of my Travel Grant was to spend time learning from experts at Harvard Medical School about neuroimaging and sports concussion research

I travelled to Boston, MA, USA to visit Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and spent time solidifying and strengthening research collaborations with world leaders in the field. - Professor Grant Iverson and Professor Ross Zafonte.

I’ve fallen in love with Boston; what an amazing city! From a professional perspective, I have strengthened my collaborations with Professor Grant Iverson and Professor Ross Zafonte, and continue to work closely with them on a number of projects based, both here locally in Newcastle that I am leading, in addition to being involved with projects that they are leading out of Harvard Medical School. Professor Iverson is now one of my mentors and we communicate about our various research endeavours on an almost daily basis. I have been asked by Professor Zafonte to lead book chapters and been brought in on a number of research projects by Professor Iverson. I am welcomed back there whenever I can make it and treated as part of their team. This was all made possible by the Jennie Thomas Medical Research Travel Grant.

Beyond the Grant

The Jennie Thomas Medical Research Travel Grant does not only ‘make dreams come true’, it opens new horizons and creates unique opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. I consider myself to be blessed beyond my wildest dreams because the Jennie Thomas Medical Research Travel Grant enabled me to experience some of the greatest memories I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Being presented with these opportunities as an early career researcher has established an amazing platform to build my career upon. I could never have imagined how fruitful my time being physically present at Harvard Medical School could have been, and it is the gift that keeps on giving with the ongoing collaborations I have with Professors Iverson and Zafonte.

The Travel Grant allowed Andrew to spend time at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

The Travel Grant allowed for collaborations and relationships to be made at Harvard Medical School 

Newcastle Knights athlete Jarrod Mullen in front of the MRI scanner

The "Home Base" program at Massachusetts, assisting returned Veterans recover from traumatic brain injury  

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