Alexandra Hetherington

Jennie Thomas Shaping Futures Scholarship Winner 2016


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

My Jennie Thomas Scholarship Experience

In 2016, I received the Jennie Thomas Shaping Futures Grant. I am in my 2nd year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational therapy, the award of this scholarship has greatly benefited me this year with my studies as it has allowed for the purchase of a personal computer to combat muscle fatigue as a consequence of a stroke. This scholarship has granted me the freedom to study from home as well as reducing the stress of working excessively to meet the financial needs of distance placement, which as a consequence has reduced my fatigue. Long term this scholarship will enable me to elect my placement locations on the learning experience rather than the fiscal consequence. I cannot thank Jennie and David enough for their assistance and belief in my goals. It is the confidence boost I needed to encourage me to keep going. 


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