J T Scholarships And Grants

Jennie Thomas AM has been helping to make dreams come true for students of the University of Newcastle (UoN) and Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) since 2003. This website aims to celebrate all of the Jennie Thomas Family of Scholars, past and present. 

Currently, JT scholarships and grants are given in these categories:

  • Medical Research PhD top-up Scholarships through HMRI
  • Medical Research Early Career Researcher Travel Grants through HMRI
  • Discretionary Grants for specific projects through HMRI
  • "Shaping Futures Scholarships" through UoN
Past JT scholars have also studied in the areas of:
In fact, "Dreams Can Come True" is a name that really encompasses all of the grants and scholarships celebrated in this website.

It is hoped that this web site will encourage other students with dreams and goals to apply for Scholarships and Grants through either HMRI or the University of Newcastle, whichever is appropriate.

Jennie also invites alumni of the UoN, Researchers at HMRI, members of the public and businesses to become donors and join her in the joy and satisfaction of providing much needed Scholarships and Grants through  Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) and /or through the University of Newcastle Foundation

Jennie Thomas enjoys time with Fine Arts Scholar, Nerida 

Sharon Boundy, Liesl Schemen and Barbara Brodhurst Hill 
enjoy some special time with Jennie.

Jennie’s Philosophy of Giving

The word used most often to describe a donor of Scholarships and Grants to a University is ‘philanthropist’ - a word that originally meant ‘lover of humanity’. Unfortunately, the modern connotation of this word is often ‘one who gives money to some cause’. I prefer the original meaning, one that involves the giving of time, talent and treasure, in various ways and measures, to promote the welfare of others. In doing so, the act of philanthropy enhances and nourishes both the beneficiaries and the benefactors. This, I know, is true.

It is with this in mind, that my own philosophy is to give, while I can, with a warm hand and a warm heart and added hugs of encouragement, love and mentoring. I embrace all of my JT scholars as part of my extended family and I enjoy seeing the seeds of each gift come to fruition, bloom and go on to provide further fruits for the future. It has been, and continues to be, a joyous journey.

I invite others to experience with me the joy of ‘givology’, a word read recently, which means ‘loving to give’. And to that, I add ‘giving to learn’. For by giving a helping hand to those following their dreams and goals in education, we give a gift not only to that person but to their families, to our own community and to the wider, global society for the future.

- Jennie Thomas AM

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